Fundraising Tips

Tips for SUCCESSFUL Fundraising

Having been part of thousands of unique fundraisers, we at Boas Fundraising have learned that the most successful sales have several things in common.  Here are some tips to help guide you through the process:


Step One:  Setting up the sale

  • Choose the program that best suits your needs.
  • Call or email Boas Fundraising to set a date for your sale, this is VERY important and must be done.  Once the date is established you can print off the order forms on our forms page or we can fill in the info and email them to you.

Step Two: Taking Orders

  • Determine the selling period.  Allow for at least two full weeks of selling
  • Motivate and encourage your sellers.  Your organization and enthusiasm is the key to a smooth and successful fundraiser.
  • Collect the order forms and double-check your totals.  Be prepared for sellers to turn forms in late.
  • Call or email Boas Fundraising to place your order preferably 10 days but NO LATER than 9 days prior to pickup/delivery

Step Three:  Receiving and distributing your product.

  • Check the quality and quantity of your order.  We will gladly count every piece of your order with you.  Your signature verifies that you received exactly what you ordered.
  • Have several volunteers lined up to assist you with distribution.
  • Do not rush when filling orders.  Always double-check!  To avoid confusion, assign a few select individuals to help fill your orders.
  • Have your sellers check their orders before they leave the distribution site.
  • We will sort every order by seller for you! We will also double check all of the orders for accuracy.

VERY IMPORTANT! If you are working with a perishable product, be sure to keep the product in a cool place.  Do not expose to heat for more than an hour.  As always, we at Boas Fundraising will be here to help you make your sale run smoothly.  Do not hesitate to call us with any questions