Let's Do This!!

This is the first step to a successful fundraiser.  It's our goal at Boas to make this process fun and easy.  Here are a few things to consider before you embark on raising money for your event or organization.

Important Days...

  • Pickup/Delivery Day:  This is the date when your orders will be sorted and delivered to you.  We can even help you sort your delivery by seller.  Please note, your orders must be submitted no less than 9 days before product delivery day.
  • Orders-Due-By Day:  This is the date you establish with your sellers.  Make it clear that your sellers must have their orders to you no later than this date.  We recommend that you make this date at least 10 days before the Product Delivery Day
  • Fundraiser Launch Day:  The day you kick off your sale.  Normally we recommend that this date be 3 weeks before the Orders-Due-By Day but this is completely up to you.

Which Products Do I Want to Sell?

  • Boas Fundraising offers many great products that you can incorporate into your fundraiser.  Check out our Products Page to get details on which products you might be interested in.

Once you've gathered this info, it's time reach out to Boas Fundraising and get things moving!  Please take a moment to fill out the form below.  Once submitted, one our team members will reach out to you in short order!  Please note:  Nothing on this form is concrete.  If you're still unsure about anything or you need to speak to a warm body, by all means call us!  Dial (717) 606-7891


Boas Fundraising

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